Consciousness Streams: The Return

And all of a sudden, the words come in a rush. I stand before them, entranced, simply hanging on as they flow from my fingertips like a wave bursting from a dam. It was as if someone had fixed a dripping faucet; whereas before only a slow¬†drip, drip had emerged, now one turn of the... Continue Reading →


Of October and Literary Ruts

"Where have you been? Do you know when you're coming back? 'Cause since you've been gone I've got along, but I've been sad." --"Reflections" The Neighbourhood   I have been missing something. Since the beginning of October, it was made apparent that a huge part of my life had just evaporated. Suddenly, I had no... Continue Reading →

Rambling Updates

The days shifted so suddenly. Where summer still hung on in green leaves and warm afternoons, now the temperatures have dropped into the realm of "chilly", bringing changing colors and misty days of rain and cold with them. I spend most of my time not at work enjoying the wather--curled up reading, taking walks, going... Continue Reading →

Consciousness Streams: October

The temperature dropped a little today as clouds rolled in with a cool breeze. I sat at a table in downtown Blacksburg, watching wayward leaves drift down around me from high above. Lately, I've started longing for rain. We had a few days last of week of rain and mist and temperatures in the low... Continue Reading →

Book Haul: September 2018

At the end of August, I talked about how I felt September would be a good reading month--unfortunately, due to a lot of personal things (I moved into my own apartment at the beginning of the month and thus spent more time getting packed and moved in than I did reading) I only ended up... Continue Reading →


I awaken to the sound of the old city hall bell ringing across the street. "I can feel it on my tongue-- brick and mortar, as thick as scripture,¬† drawing lines in the sand and laying borders as tall as towers." My bed is warmed by sunlight and the cat at my feet, purring loudly.... Continue Reading →

Consciousness Streams: A New Home

I moved into my own apartment yesterday. After hours of putting together beds and side tables, moving couches and desks and chests, after hours of unpacking dishes and books and clothes, I am moved in. My bedroom sports a twin-sized bed with a fluffy, gray comforter and has since become my cat, Skully's, favorite place... Continue Reading →

Music as Memory

Music, to me, is life. It's the color blue, it's an atmospheric setting, a time-passer, a soul-wrencher. It's for falling asleep, for long nights, for writing. There is music for every mood, thus, I have forty-six playlists on my Spotify--and I'm constantly adding more. Every few days, I get a new idea for a new... Continue Reading →

Consciousness Streams: Morning Musings

Fog hung low over Virginia, swathing the sleepy Sunday in a soft chill heralding autumn's swift arrival. I sat in Starbucks with a pumpkin spice latte and the knowledge that soon crisp leaves, sweaters, hot coffee warming my hands, soft oranges and reds and browns, and cool winds would be upon me. Then, Halloween, Thanksgiving,... Continue Reading →

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