And Then There Were None

This past month or so has been the best in a long time. Despite my financial problems, despite my senior status and the looming reality of graduation and final projects, I was so happy. My best friend, my soul twin, Christian, was back from South Korea. She studied abroad there for the past semester but came... Continue Reading →


Aesthetic Visions: Winter

I am not a fan of heat. As an extrovert and a naturally-warm person, I get overheated easily. I am constantly shedding layers, sitting in front of fans, turning up the air, sleeping without blankets, without pants, with the AC set to sixty-three in the middle of winter, sitting outside in thirty-degree weather only to... Continue Reading →

A Place to Heal

There are places where time doesn't seem to exist. When I was younger, the forest outside my front door held that intrigue for me--that "old world" feel that made time stand still. Nothing existed there save me and the cool mountain air. I'd take a book, maybe a snack, and sit beneath my favorite tree... Continue Reading →

The Summer of 2016

It was the summer of 2016. Years from now, I’ll look back on this summer like my parents or grandparents would remember the fun they had in the summer of ’67 or the summer of ’39. I was twenty-one, an adult imbued with newly-discovered independence—the knowledge of a freedom that now allowed me to drive... Continue Reading →

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