October 28th, 2028

I had a dream. That is quite common, of course, but it is apparently less common to remember all or most of your dreams. Multiple scientists have wondered why some people remember their dreams more than others; some studies believe it has to do with waking more often during sleep, saying, “People who frequently remember... Continue Reading →


The Delta

Trianne was the one who first mentioned an adventure. A few weeks into the semester, we seniors were all, strangely, bored. Aside from our senior projects, we didn’t have much to do. I spent most classes scrolling through Facebook, journaling, or working on my Capstone; nothing felt real anymore, even the looming date of graduation... Continue Reading →


The rending of steel felt like the end of the universe. Instinct made me throw out my right arm to protect Victoria in the passenger’s seat, a mechanical response in the heat of the moment. The truth of what happened only set in when I watched a black Jeep skid past the right side of... Continue Reading →

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