It’s Okay to be Alone

I’ve been pressured lately. Really, it’s a joint effort; society and family and even me, myself, have all been heaping this pressure on my shoulders; many of my family members may not even realize what they’re doing, but when you look at my track record, I guess it’s not surprising. I’m twenty-two and unmarried, twenty-two... Continue Reading →


Of Coffee Houses and Lost Friends

Coffee houses are doors into different realities. A few years ago, I read this snippet—don’t remember where—by a man who’d decided to wax poetic about coffee houses. To him, they were these magical places exempt from the normal flow of time, a secluded section of space where philosophers gathered to discuss theories about the universe... Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Visions: Writer’s Overdrive

I’m not sure where to start. This isn’t because many things have happened; nothing has happened in the past few days except the normal hum-drum routine of life. Rather, my uncertainty of where to start is because I have so many thoughts spinning through my mind, and I’m monologuing my life in my head. I... Continue Reading →

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