Book Haul: January 2018

This is a bit new for me. Though I've done a couple of reviews here, as well as an entire Year In Books post for 2017, this blog was never really a book blog. I'm going to start changing that, slowly but surely. I want this to be a place I can put anything--poetry, rants, stream... Continue Reading →


The Knowledge of Spring

Spring Fever n. a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring. A book I bought a couple weeks ago sits on my bookshelf. Vines curl around the cover, designed to look like flowing hair covered in flowers. The silhouette of a woman outlined in foliage sits at the cover's center. Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

On the Nature of Moonlight

A full-moon crests the night of new year’s promise, drenching the land in its monochromatic glow.   I stand, awed music spilling from my lips, breath streaming through the air in heated clouds as the cold night bears down wind from the mountain-top. Cirrus constellations above blot out the moon, for a moment, before white... Continue Reading →

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