Consciousness Streams: Too-Beautiful Words

Languages rise and fall around me in the coffee shop as I read too-beautiful words and long desperately to be filled by them until they're all that's left. Until I'm consumed. Some people write as if their words just flow from them, unbidden and easy, and I don't understand. I'm jealous. I can only write... Continue Reading →


Book Haul: July 2018

Another good month! My reading was notĀ asĀ prolific as last month, but I still got seven books in, leaving me eleven books ahead of my challenge. (I really think I should up the number from fifty since I'm already at thirty-nine, but I'm not sure what I should change it to. Any suggestions?) Anyway, on to... Continue Reading →

Book Haul: June 2018

Wow, what a month! I read eight books this month, putting me eight books ahead of my Goodreads Reading Challenge. This is great, as it's a good fall back should I have another bad reading month like March or May. Oh! I do have some big news as well! A publisher is interested in my... Continue Reading →

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