Consciousness Streams: Seasonal Shift

I can feel autumn coming. It's just a subtle shift, really. A slight dip in the temperature at night, enough to warrant an oversized hoodie when walking the streets; golden leaves peaking out from behind thick green; a chill in the wind that was not there during high summer, just enough to cool one off... Continue Reading →



Rains crested the mountain all day, torrential downpours washing away pollen and dust until I felt damp all the way down to my soul. The weather cleared up sometime around mid-afternoon as I approached my mailbox to sunlight lancing through the summer-heavy foliage above. In the sun's rays, the mist leftover by the precipitation rose... Continue Reading →


Rain was recent. Steam rises from the asphalt in its aftermath, coaxed out by the summer sun. I can feel the heat through the soles of my shoes as I step out of my car and walk into work. Summer has passed me by. August is nearly to its half-way point, and I have worked... Continue Reading →

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