Consciousness Streams: A New Home

I moved into my own apartment yesterday.

After hours of putting together beds and side tables, moving couches and desks and chests, after hours of unpacking dishes and books and clothes, I am moved in.

My bedroom sports a twin-sized bed with a fluffy, gray comforter and has since become my cat, Skully’s, favorite place to nap. I have all my nerdy paraphernalia set up along one windowsill–a small TARDIS, a lightsaber, some comic books, and a few books from the Discworld series. The other windowsill sports my daily medication, plus some jewelry and nail polish. Fairy lights are wrapped around the exposed pipes in the corner, and dark blue drapes hang above the windows, letting in natural light. My small dresser and bookshelf sit against their respective walls, one more full than the other.

Down the hallway, a small bathroom holds a new shower curtain, my makeup, and a few other bathroom products. The kitchen across from it has a lot of coffee products–a programmable Mr. Coffee coffeemaker, an espresso machine, a french press, and a coffee bean grinder–plus a canvas picture of a freshly-made mocha to top it all off. Food sits on the shelves, oats and potatoes and spices, milk and eggs in the fridge I just bought.

The living room holds the couch I mentioned before, freshly-Febreezed and smelling clean. A Sherpa blanket is tossed over one corner for cold nights. Skully enjoys sitting on the top of the couch as I eat breakfast, purring loudly into my ear so I can’t focus on the TV sitting on the desk across from me.

For the final room, a small dinette sits adjacent the living room, sporting a wooden table with two chairs and a pair of dark red curtains to give the room a bit more character. All that’s needed are a couple of curtain ties to keep the drapes held back during the day.

Packed books still remain, crammed into the entryway closet with my coats and other storage products. They’ll be unpacked eventually, once I get enough shelves for them. (That might take a while, but it’s all right.)

The apartment felt strange last night. I ordered pizza, ecstatic at being able to accept delivery, and ate half of it while watching my favorite Harry Potter movie. By the time ten o’clock rolled around, I was exhausted from the work of the day and from not getting much sleep the past few nights. With Skully curled up beside me and the sounds of the night outside my windows, I fell asleep.

I woke up a couple times, unsure where I was, and did not dream.

Around nine this morning, the bell from city hall chimed the hour, waking me up. I padded into the kitchen to my coffeemaker already percolating and cooked a breakfast of oatmeal and poached eggs. With my coffee and a small glass of milk, I watched YouTube until it was time to shower and get ready for the day.

Leaving felt odd.

I kind of wanted to just stay there, in that apartment that’s now mine. I turned off all the lights, said goodbye to Skully, and locked the door behind me. My Impala was parked outside along the street, waiting for me as I got in and headed to Christiansburg to run a few errands. Soon, I will go to an adoption center and look at getting another cat. (My apartment allows two, and I’ve always wanted a black cat.)

But I can’t wait to get back tonight.

To go home.



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