Consciousness Streams: October

The temperature dropped a little today as clouds rolled in with a cool breeze. I sat at a table in downtown Blacksburg, watching wayward leaves drift down around me from high above.

Lately, I’ve started longing for rain.

We had a few days last of week of rain and mist and temperatures in the low 60s. It got chilly enough a couple times for me to don a comfy sweater as I sipped my pipping-hot Starbucks latte and reveled in the mystical feel of fog hanging low over the earth. Something about it made me want to re-read Garth Nix’s The Old Kingdom series. I could imagine Sabriel traipsing through the fog with Mogget and Touchstone at her side, or Lirael doing the same, the Disreputable Dog following in her footsteps.

Usually, I prefer sunshine. I’m not sure what caused this sudden longing for rain and clouds, for mist and chill, though I imagine Florence Welsh may have had something to do with it. There’s been an aesthetic shift in my soul, and now every day I wake up to sunlight and warmth slanting through the windows of my apartment bedroom, my heart sinks a little.

Last week, during one of my days off, I woke to mist and rain and chill. I slow-cooked a pot roast in my crock pot and then sat on my couch and watched a movie as I ate fresh, hot food I’d cooked myself. I was so happy in that moment, so content. I want that again–that chill in the air, the fog creeping close, clouding my windows and making me feel as if I am alone in the world.

Sunshine just doesn’t do that for me.

Sunshine is for summer, for hot mornings and afternoons, tan lines and iced coffee. But October is here, and with it comes the weather I crave. Next week, it should get down into the 40s–cold enough for me to wear my favorite trench coat–and snow could come as early as November.

It has before, so who knows?

All know is the seasons are shifting, and never have I desired colder weather as much as I do this year.


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