Book Haul: April 2018

I said April would be a better month for reading, and I was right! This month, I read seven books and am on my eighth, putting the tally for my Goodreads' Challenge of fifty books read in a year at seven books ahead of schedule! I'm feeling good, and now I have a great backup... Continue Reading →


Consciousness Streams: Stagnation

The wallpaper on my desktop is a blue sky overshadowed by a bough of branches bearing pink flowers. The definition of spring. Outside, the sky is overcast, muggy gray and drizzling--"spitting" as they say in England. I feel waterlogged, but not in a good way, not in the summer beach way where you're covered in... Continue Reading →


"It's April already?" I've heard so many people--at home, work, church--relay this sentiment, as if time has conspired to pass us by quicker than expected. 2018 is four months in, and perhaps for those who've accomplished little, the months have stood still, but I am among those who have watched them fly by. I have... Continue Reading →

Book Haul: March 2018

So, March. In terms of reading, March was not a good month. In everything else, however, it was great! I'm seeing someone now, and where in February I had no jobs, I now have two! I only read two books, though. Whoops. Finances have also been kind of tight, so I haven't bought many either.... Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Visions: Him

It was three a.m., the witching hour. I drove over a foggy mountaintop. The Brothers Bright crooned from my radio, and the lights of my Impala cut a lonely swath through the darkness. I passed no one; the streets were empty with nighttime. I had to wake up for church the next morning, meaning I... Continue Reading →

Book Haul: February 2018

This past month was a bit hectic, to say the least. To prove my point, I read eight books in January but only four in February. Hopefully, March will be better. I've had interviews all this week, and today I believe I got a job as a front desk receptionist at a local hotel. The... Continue Reading →

Every Book I’ve Ever Read

My Goodreads 'read' folder is not all the books I have read in my life. I didn't discover Goodreads until recently, the past few years or so, and though I have tried, I cannot remember every book I've ever read. I took all the series I could remember--thinks like Dragonlance and The Legend of Drizzt and The Belgariad--and plugged them into... Continue Reading →

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