Rains crested the mountain all day, torrential downpours washing away pollen and dust until I felt damp all the way down to my soul. The weather cleared up sometime around mid-afternoon as I approached my mailbox to sunlight lancing through the summer-heavy foliage above. In the sun's rays, the mist leftover by the precipitation rose... Continue Reading →



Rain was recent. Steam rises from the asphalt in its aftermath, coaxed out by the summer sun. I can feel the heat through the soles of my shoes as I step out of my car and walk into work. Summer has passed me by. August is nearly to its half-way point, and I have worked... Continue Reading →

Book Haul: July 2018

Another good month! My reading was not as prolific as last month, but I still got seven books in, leaving me eleven books ahead of my challenge. (I really think I should up the number from fifty since I'm already at thirty-nine, but I'm not sure what I should change it to. Any suggestions?) Anyway, on to... Continue Reading →

Book Haul: June 2018

Wow, what a month! I read eight books this month, putting me eight books ahead of my Goodreads Reading Challenge. This is great, as it's a good fall back should I have another bad reading month like March or May. Oh! I do have some big news as well! A publisher is interested in my... Continue Reading →

Book Haul: May 2018

So May was a bit slower in terms of reading. I had a busy month what with traveling back down to Mississippi for a wedding and then also working my butt off. Because of that, I haven't had much time to get a lot of reading in, only reading two this month, but I'm still... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Baby Teeth

I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Ah, Zoje Stage. I would say "you've done it again" if this wasn't your first novel. Baby Teeth was an absolute masterpiece of manipulation and terror, a constant flip-flopping back and forth between being on Hanna's side and being on... Continue Reading →

Consciousness Streams: Jackson

Something about road trips is so freeing. Getting into the car in the early morning, trunk full of suitcases and pillows, the open road ahead of you and the entire day to drive, imbues me with this sense of absolute freedom. The morning I left for Jackson, Mississippi—returning to the state that had been my... Continue Reading →

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